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The main focus of this is undoubtedly the internet primary of Photos is to enhance the user experience for the people for pictures and movies. Google pictures tend to be focusing on various revisions using the latest technologies and techniques of Computer Vision and Image processing.

Google Photos presents a zoom that is a brand new feature – pinch-to-zoom videos.

By double-tapping, the video that is playing can zoom in.

Google has developed the video features like slow-motion movies and used filters to videos. But there was no such function designed for the users to zoom the video; this is indeed playing. Today, people can pinch to zoom in addition to double-tap.

People can view and trace areas that are certain of the video when using the pinch-to-zoom function. Double Tap will zoom the video clip according to a predefined value, and double-tap once more will shift it towards the display screen; this is certainly regular.

This feature is within the beta stage merely a handful wide range of users may use it now.

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